Hear ye... Hear ye... BackerNation is now SpineNation! Same great mission and team. Better name. :)

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Kelly Nerdzilla Mendenhall

Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall spent her formative years in the ruins of the automobile industry in Flint, MI. A self-proclaimed recovering nonprofit professional, Kelly became suddenly medically disabled in June 2017. Her career in the nonprofit sector came to a grinding halt and she stepped into her role as author-activist. Kelly’s first book, Skin in the Game: The Stories My Tattoos Tell was published in 2019. Kelly’s mission is show the world that a diagnosis or diagnoses do not have to be the end of one’s story. There is life after spinal cord injury and neurosurgeries, especially spinal fusions. Kelly hopes to inspire others to work toward the best quality of life possible. Kelly is Senior Community Leader and a content contributor for SpineNation.

SpineNation Launches Scoliosis Support Group

SpineNation is the #1 digital community for back, neck, and spine. The site aims to educate, empower, and support those living with chronic back pain and other spine conditions to live their best lives. In support of that mission are many support groups for member-users, including the Scoliosis Support Group. Three experts are collaborating with SpineNation, serving as admins and moderators in the support group.