SpineNation has partnered with three Scoliosis advocacy and education power-players to help provide the best support possible to its community members.

SpineNation is the #1 digital community for back, neck, and spine. The site aims to educate, empower, and support those living with chronic back pain and other spine conditions to live their best lives. In support of that mission are many support groups for member-users, including the Scoliosis Support Group.

Three experts are collaborating with SpineNation, serving as admins and moderators in the support group. They will provide information, advice, and exercise demonstrations to help member-users with Scoliosis better manage their condition and pain.

Marcia Monroe and the Iyengar System of Yoga

Marcia Monro is certified as a Yoga Teacher by the Iyengar system of Yoga. She teaches Yoga for scoliosis and asymmetry internationally and has presented Yoga posters on Yoga and Scoliosis at International Medical Conferences.

She teaches yoga for children at the Bloomingdale Family Program as well as special courses at the Iyengar Institute, in New York City. She has also been certified by the somatic methods of Body-Mind Centering® and Feldenkrais®, RSMT. She has a degree in Dance and Movement Studies from the State University of New York and is registered as Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA).

Photo of Marcia Monroe, Yoga specialist, and author
who is partnering with SpineNation to moderate and contribute
to the Scoliosis Support Group.

For a limited time, SpineNation is gifting every member that joins the Scoliosis Group with a copy or Marcia Monroe’s book Yoga and Scoliosis: A Journey to Health and Healing. The book is a source of encouragement, knowledge, and healing for those who have scoliosis and would like to address it without surgery.
The book briefly covers the history of scoliosis, along with conservative and nonconservative treatment options.

Yoga and Scoliosis explores the complexities of the concept of alignment in the asymmetric body using the Iyengar system of Yoga and somatic movement concepts to work with scoliosis based on the author’s experience. The book has an introduction by Doctor Loren Fishman and a foreword by B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of the Iyengar Yoga system, with subsequent chapters with special yoga sequences of asanas/postures modified for scoliosis as well as suggestions for daily life.

Eva Butterly, The Scoliosis Warrior

Eva Butterly is an Irish actress, podcaster, and personal trainer who also happens to live with Scoliosis. Eva was diagnosed with Scoliosis as a teen and now dedicates much of her life to helping others manage their scoliosis through exercise.

400Photo of Eva Butterly, personal trainer, podcaster, and actress
who is partnering with SpineNation to moderate and contribute
to the Scoliosis Support Group.

In this piece published in the Dublin Gazette, you can see photographs of Eva’s back and spine prior to her spinal fusion surgeries and therapeutic physical therapy, and after. The difference and improvement are quite striking.

In her own words, Eva’s personal mission is to empower people to take control of their health through resistance training. She works as a professionally certified personal trainer and also hosts the podcast The Scoliosis Warrior on which she often interviews guests living with Scoliosis. The Scoliosis Warrior podcast shares insights, information, and practical tips to help people along on their journey with Scoliosis. Eva also advocates for the importance of well-balanced nutrition and mental health.

The mental health component is important. As was recently reported in Pain and Depression: How the Two are Linked, “according to the American Pain Foundation, approximately 65% of people reporting depression also complained of living with pain that affected their quality of life. When pain and depression intersect, a downward spiral of adverse health conditions surfaces creating additional problems.”

Eva will contribute to the Scoliosis Support Group by sharing resources and support to the community. She will share videos, interviews, contribute guest blogs, and interact with members of the group seeking advice on managing their Scoliosis.

Carlyn Porter, founder of TheCurvyTruth.Com

Photo of Carlyn Porter, blogger and nutrition specialist,
who is partnering with SpineNation to moderate and contribute
to the Scoliosis Support Group.

Last but certainly not least, SpineNation has partnered with Carlyn Porter. Carlyn is a wellness blogger who writes about scoliosis and nutrition on thecurvytruth.com. As a scoliosis patient with a spinal fusion, she is passionate about sharing what she’s learned about the condition from her 20+ year journey. Carlyn is going live with us on Instagram for our first Instagram LIVE event on July 24th at 11am CST. You should be following us on Instagram!

In her own words, Carlyn enjoys motivating and encouraging people with scoliosis to grow in a loving relationship with their body’s unique needs. Her passion for wellness and desire to continually learn led her to complete certification in Functional Nutrition through MindBodyGreen.Com.

In her professional career, Carlyn is a User Experience Designer, holding a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Carlyn also has a YouTube channel where she shares vlogs regarding nutrition, exercise, and wellness as a Scoliosis patient.

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