Too Long, Didn’t Read (TL;DR)

TLDR; Too Long Didn't Read
Too long, didn’t read.

Are you a person who always intends  to read the weekly blogs you subscribe to, perhaps noting that content is especially relevant to you, but you forget? Maybe you’re too dang busy, and they pile up in your inbox until eventually, you delete everything to get rid of all the red circles on your mail app. (Read also: me.) Whatever the reason, you may find yourself way behind reading content that you really do find valuable.

Have we got the blog for you! From here out, we’ll do a monthly roundup of all the stories you may have missed or meant to go back and finish reading from our blog each month. 

April Roundup

Last month our blog covered:

Allow us to summarize!

Take a Walk

Image of feet walking on a treadmill, with x-ray images of the bones
of the feet and legs incorporated.

March 30 was National Take a Walk in the Park Day, so we thought it was a good time to put together a list of the best athletic shoes for back pain. Spoiler alert: your foot type, or shoe type, is super crucial. There are three major types of shoes: 

  • Motion-Control Shoes that are firm, heavy, and durable and help flat-footed individuals with stability issues; 
  • Neutral Shoes, which are excellent shock absorbers for those with neutral feet or medium-height arches; and 
  • Stability Shoes for those experiencing overpronation or “flat feet.”

Learn how to determine your foot type and decide on the best shoes for you in The Best Walking Shoes Back Pain

Have a stretch

We had a guest blogger this month to talk about flexibility and stretching. His name is Dr. Todd Sinett. Dr. Sinett is a Chiropractor, founder of Tru Whole Care, inventor of the Backbridge, and author of The Good Sh*t3 Weeks to A Better Back, and The Back Pain Relief Diet, among other titles.

Sporty 50 year old gray haired woman sitting bare-footed on yoga mat indoors
doing bound angle pose (stretch).

In, Reclaiming Your Flexibility with the Backbridge, Dr. Sinett addresses why one should care about stretching and flexibility. Here’s what he had had to say:
“Why is it important to reclaim your flexibility? Our flexibility affects our ability to bend and move and impacts our overall vitality. To be truly healthy and fit, you need to have a balance of three fitness factors: 

  • Endurance 
  • Strength, and 
  • Flexibility”

Dr. Sinett even includes a picture tutorial with five exercises that one can perform with the Backbridge to impact flexibility positively. As Dr. Sinett says, “The best part about the Backbridge is that it doesn’t just return flexibility to your spine; it returns flexibility to your entire body.”

Put olive oil on the grocery list!

Olive Oil and Bread. Organic olive oil with green olives in bowl, herbs and
ciabatta bread on wooden background.

You can’t go anywhere in the chronic pain world these days without hearing talk of anti-inflammatory foods and diet. As it turns out, olive oil is a magical ingredient when it comes to inflammation. Be prepared to get nerdy because we discuss the science behind olive oil’s anti-inflammatory properties in this blog. 

From “Does olive oil reduce inflammation?“:

“When your body breaks down food, molecules called free radicals are produced…Antioxidants protect the body against free radicals naturally. There is a compound molecule in olive oil called oleocanthal, an antioxidant. This particular compound prevents the production of specific inflammatory enzymes in the body, namely, COX-1 and COX-2… So, by eating olive oil and ingesting oleocanthal, one reduces the body’s inflammatory enzymes’ production.”

In Closing

That’s it for April. We hope you find the content helpful! At SpineNation, we are a team of back, neck, and spine patients creating content and a community of support for others living with the same. We have new content in our regular library, too. Recently published articles include: 

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