SpineNation, a digital health and wellness platform for back, neck, and spine, is launching SpineLife365. This online suite features spine wellness programs focused on body, mind, nutrition and lifestyle to help people on their journey towards a healthier back and spine.

SpineLife365 will feature on-demand, self-guided programs, challenges, and videos from fitness experts, physical therapists, nutritionists, spine doctors, and other related experts.

“Back and neck issues can severely impact our lives”, says Jay Resio, founder and CEO of SpineNation. “It can be extremely frustrating and painful. It can become completely debilitating and destroy your ability to be productive on a daily basis. Our primary goal at SpineNation and with SpineLife365’s wellness programs are to help as many people as possible live their best spine life.”

New programs and fresh content will be released frequently, giving spine warriors tools, motivation, and continuous support that can be consumed at their own pace and schedule.

Pre-launch signups are available now. The first 365 people to sign up receive a Forever Subscription for a one-time fee of only $99.

When SpineLife365 will be released, the regular price for a yearly subscription will be $99.

Subscribers will be able to visit SpineNation.com to access SpineLife365 anytime, anywhere via all digital devices with an internet connection.

About SpineNation
SpineNation is a digital health and wellness company developing innovative products and services to empower people with information, tools, and resources to overcome their back, neck, and spine conditions.