SpineNation is the #1 digital support community for people living with back, neck, and spine conditions. Not everyone knows who we are, though. So, we thought it might be helpful to put together this Top 5 list for you.

5. We’ve got your back, literally and figuratively.

SpineNation is a community built by people living with chronic pain and spine conditions, for people living with chronic pain and spine conditions. We publish new content each week on topics relevant to our community members. Topics like The Spoon Theory, Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery vs. Spinal Fusion, and 9 Foods That Prevent Joint Inflammation.

SpineNation staff members also vet products before recommending them. If they don’t impress us, we don’t recommend them to you. Products we’ve tested include ergonomic back support systems, a VR app for people living with chronic pain and anxiety, and the Quell Pain Relief Device.

4. It’s social media, with a purpose.

Think of us as the social networking site specifically for people living with chronic back, neck, and spine issues. As a member of SpineNation, you’re part of an international community of people just like you. You don’t have to worry about the politics of your personal or professional network on SpineNation.com.

Share experiences, commiserate, seek advice from others living with your condition, or from experts in the field who treat your condition. Whatever you need to live your best possible life and put your back pain behind you, we hope to provide. We welcome feedback from our members to help make the site better, too.

3. Members have access to expert advice without the cost of an appointment.

Are you interested in learning more about artificial lumbar disc replacement as an alternative to spinal fusion? We’ve got experts for that. Want to learn safe ways to keep your body moving? We have experts participating in support groups, too. Members of our Scoliosis Support group have access to a FREE yoga e-book by Marcia Monroe, specifically for those living with Scoliosis.

2. We are a judgment-free zone.

Members don’t have to worry about how people will perceive them if they post about their medical conditions and health struggles on SpineNation. There is no judgment here but there are several support groups for various spine conditions as well as mental health. Member-users can create their own support groups as well.

Post about your concerns with an upcoming surgery without being harangued with comments assuming that you haven’t tried everything else, or that it was an easy decision arrived at lightly. Vent about pain without 25 people jumping in to tell you how you should treat it. Everyone’s journey with pain is different, and we honor your care choices.

We also maintain a sense of humor, because if we can’t laugh, we’ll cry!

1. It’s FREE to join. And it stays free.

The mission of SpineNation is to empower people with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to overcome their back, neck, and spine conditions. Our content, podcast, blog, expert access, and educational videos are all supportive of that mission.

We don’t pull any punches. It’s free to join our community and your membership will always be free. Member-users have access to all of our support groups, content, and special partner perks just for being a part of the community. Join the community today!