Images of the flowly home screen and community forum.

An advanced tool for mindfulness

Research has shown that meditation and mindfulness can help ease the symptoms of anxiety and chronic pain. However, as most people living with chronic pain can tell you, it is often challenging to meditate or practice mindfulness exercises when in a pain flare. I had always been unsuccessful in my attempts at meditation, until now.

How flowly works

Flowly offers a variety of VR experiences, or Worlds, that engage users in biofeedback for relaxation training through guided breathing. That means that with the VR headset and sensor, users can monitor and adjust how they breathe and how they focus. With time users learn how to regulate their nervous system better. All while immersed in beautiful and relaxing VR environments.

There are currently seven worlds in the flowly app, with an additional free module called #BreatheTogether created to serve the greater global community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each world is a different virtual experience with different surroundings and stimuli. The #BreatheTogether and Intro World are free to use without limitation. Access to other worlds, such as Wave World, Rainbow Valley, and Galactic Harvest, is only available with a subscription.

Screen captures from the Galactic Harvest world in the flowly app.

I have been using the flowly app and VR system since February 2020.

You can read the entire content piece with my full review of flowly, HERE.

Active member-users on SpineNation who are participating in support groups for chronic pain management and mental health will find a unique promo code at the bottom of this blog. This promo code allows users to begin their Flowly experience at 20% off discount for the first 90 days of any monthly subscription, and 20% off the entire first year of any annual subscription (because Apple doesn’t allow discounts in the app).

See the video below for my documented user-journey and results.