SpineNation is offering a free copy of the company’s new Ultimate Spine Wellness Guide as an eBook.

Dreamed up by the staff at SpineNation based on vast knowledge and experience and application in their own lives, this guide helps current spine patients and individuals wishing to prevent spine wear and tear. The Guide is multifaceted and enforces a holistic approach to spine care.

Readers will find that the Guide includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Patient Education

This section encourages a proactive approach to one’s health rather than reactive and encourages the reader to work cooperatively with their doctor as much as possible. SpineNation believes that patients are their own best advocates.

Storing & Organizing Medical Data

Creating a hard-copy of health reports, lab results, and symptom trackers to carry along on appointments with doctors and specialists. This section also discusses organization of digital and print medical records for the patient, so that information isn’t lost or overlooked.

Building a support network

“Every spine patient needs a support network,” says Jay Resio, CEO of SpineNation. “I don’t care if it’s online or in real life. You need support from others who know what it’s like to be in your shoes.”

Negative stigmas are attached to being a chronic pain patient, whether it’s for spine-related issues or not. Sometimes the internet seems all-too-willing to offer unsolicited, ableist advice to anyone who mentions a bad pain day.

“To save themselves a lot of frustration, those living with chronic back pain and spine conditions should surround themselves with peers as much as possible, even virtually,” Resio said. SpineNation currently has 11 support groups built into their platform, and users can create more.

Building one’s care team

You may be surprised at how many patients don’t understand that it is reasonable to fire doctors, seek second opinions, and build personal care teams that support their health goals.

Some doctors just aren’t very familiar with spine conditions or auto-immune disorders that cause chronic pain. Other doctors simply feel that if they can’t see it (on labs, scans, tests, etc.) then it isn’t there. A patient should build a care team in which they are respected and treated with compassion.

Surgical Prevention

This is the section of the Guide wherein SpineNation covers Tech Neck, bad posture, and other small, corrective behaviors that impact spine wellness.


Since all of the staff at SpineNation are either living with chronic pain and spine conditions, or are closely related to those who are, the team recognizes that exercise programs are not one-size-fits-all.

Limited mobility, movement restrictions, and whether a spine patient is pre- or post-op all are all factors. Still, exercise and movement are very important elements of spine health.


This is a topic that is notorious for being hated by just about anyone, in any walk of life. The struggle doesn’t have to be real, though! There is no fat- or body-shaming happening here; just the facts.

When it comes to inflammation and pain, sugar is the enemy. The team provides some great resources and information for proper diet and nutrition for the Spoonie with chronic back pain.

Medications & Supplements

Here is where you’ll find recommendations for high-quality supplements to help with pain and inflammation. While prescription medications are acknowledged and necessary, so are holistic or alternative forms of treatment and healing. You might be surprised what you find on the list of recommended supplements!

Mental Health & Self-Care

As discussed in Pain and Depression: How are the two linked? major depression affects an estimated 17.3 million Americans each year. And according to the American Pain Foundation, approximately 65% of people reporting depression also complain of living with pain that affects their quality of life. If you live with chronic back and neck pain and feel helpless or hopeless, you are not alone.

Statistics like these are part of why SpineNation exists; they aim to help educate, empower, and support our community members in maintaining the best quality of life possible. This section of the guide helps readers better understand the impact that pain can have on a person’s mental health and offers solutions and resources for managing mental health challenges.

Recommended Products & Services

Each member of the team recommends products for pain management as well as rehabilitation and exercise. These are products and companies they themselves have worked with. SpineNatio does not recommend any product to users without vetting it thoroughly.


Here you’ll find information about SpineNation’s original health and wellness program: SpineLife365. The program provides on-demand content and resources for members in every area mentioned throughout the guide, including mental health and nutrition.

Click here to read the complete guide and get started on your path to better spine wellness today!

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