SpineNation has partnered with some of the most experienced artificial disc replacement surgeons in the industry to provide you with custom answers to your questions.

As a spine patient, it can be difficult to find answers to the myriad of questions one may have about conditions and diagnoses, treatment options, and where to find the best caregivers. It may be even more difficult in the age of COVID-19 when doctors are dealing with a backlog of delayed surgeries and previously postponed appointments.

Those living with chronic pain and other spine conditions may also or find themselves short on PTO days or be up against an unaccommodating supervisor. Finally, not all patients have the financial means to pay for specialist visits that may not yield tangible results, either.

Ask a video question, receive a video answer.

SpineNation is helping its community members work around the various worries and roadblocks to access expert advice from the comfort of their own home. Now, members of the SpineNation community can submit videos of themselves asking questions about artificial lumbar and cervical disc replacement, and in return, they will receive a video answer from one of the partnering surgeons.

Don’t worry, for those who are camera shy, there is also an option to submit a text question!

The service is free, as are all member services provided by SpineNation. It only takes a couple of short minutes to register as a new user. New users can take advantage of the Q&A immediately upon registering.

How the Process Works

  • People Ask Questions: Members of SpineNation will submit their questions (either video or text) about disc replacement and related back and spine topics.
  • Team Review: The team at SpineNation reviews each submission to make sure the question is on-topic and can be answered with a video response.  For more complex and more personalized situations, the team of Spine Coaches will help guide the participant to other information and resources.
  • Matchy Matchy: A SpineNation team member matches questions to participating experts based upon their specialties, background, and location. Some questions may be sent to multiple experts to get a comprehensive set of answers.
  • Experts Answer Questions: Experts receive the questions matched to them, review, and record a custom video answer. When a person’s question is answered, they will receive a notification and link to view the video answer. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Register to become a member of the SpineNation community now if you aren’t already. Then, visit this page to get started on your question submission.